Spotsylvania High School’s Pep Rally


Daniel Schafer

JV Football Team walking in the school’s Pep Rally with their banner

Jashawn Banks, Staff editor/writer

A Pep Rally is a meeting aimed at inspiring enthusiasm, especially one held before a sporting event. They are often very loud and have a lot of excitation to keep all the students excited for the upcoming game and to cheer on the team.

On Friday, October 13 during school, Spotsylvania High school had their fall pep rally, Which started off with an introduction and celebration of all the schools fall sports which included, Varsity football, Jv football, Varsity Volleyball, JV Volleyball, Golf, Varsity cheer, JV cheer, Varsity Field Hockey, and JV Field Hockey. The introduction also included Spotsylvania Knights senior class.

After the amazing introduction the Pep Rally kicked off with games like Jousting, where a student from each grade would come down and go against their opponent and whoever got touched and knocked off their scooter first lost. Circle the wagon, Where two students from each grade would have to form a circle around volleyballs, before going under to retrieve the volleyballs they would have to jump on and off of their partner’s back and run around in a circle until they get back to their partner.  A Relay Race, Which also included a group of students from each grade who had to complete an obstacle course balancing things, hitting things, and more in order to reach the finish line before everyone else. Last but not least was Balloon Pop, which is where another set of students from each grade level go into the middle of the gym floor and pop balloons. Whoever won the most games for their grade level won the Spotsylvania High Knight sword.

In order to be included into the games you were expected to sign up on the board across from Ms.Benedict’s classroom (Room 147) by the end of the day Thursday, October 5. If more than enough students signed up then participants for the game would be chosen by a random drawing.

Furthermore, Spotsylvania High’s Pep Rally had fantastic music played by our school’s marching band and the national anthem song by our school’s choir. We also had a dance selection performed by the school’s color guard.

In conclusion, Spotsylvania High school’s Pep Rally Went very well with an amazing introduction and celebration of sport teams and seniors, Games, and music and dance selections. Although we did not finish our day with a win against the JM hornets, we still had a fantastic time during the Pep Rally.