Girls Basketball is a Slam Dunk


The Knight's Basketball team take a free throw at a home game against James Monroe.

Erica Thompson, Writer

The Girls Basketball team is back for another season on the court. Spotsy’s coach, Coach Tyler, has been coaching basketball at Spotsy High for 22 years. Coach Tyler says that they should have a very exciting season. According to Coach Tyler the team has many hard workers, although they don’t have enough bodies. Coach Tyler also said “I think our toughest competition will be ourselves. I think getting them to believe that they are good enough to play any team that they play.” A weakness that the team has is that they don’t have enough bodies. The team’s returning players are Amaya Archie, Deqona Banks, Alondra Young, Nakiyah Bumgardner-Ferguson and Se’lah Patterson. The teams captains are Amaya Archie and Nakiyah Bumgardner-Ferguson. Coach Tyler hopes the team improves by “[Being] a better team… [and] trust and believe in themselves.” Coach Tyler encourages the team’s academics by having them work on homework before a basketball game. Coach Tyler also says that he has them try to have fun. In the interview Coach Tyler also added that “They have a lot of heart and they are one of the hardest working teams that I have ever coached.”