Valentines Around the World

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Kariah White, Staff Editor

The National Day of Love also known as Valentine’s Day. There are so many ways to celebrate. In Denmark they exchange white flowers called “snowdrops”. In Denmark men also give women gaekkebrev which is a “joking letter”. It’s a paper with a note and signed with anonymous dots. If the women guesses who gave her the gaekkebrev gets a Easter egg later that day. In China Valentine’s Day is celebrated in early August as “The Night of Seven”. In China their celebration is called “Saint Valentine’s”. Their traditions is to give girls chocolate called “Giri Choco” which is chocolate that has no romantic association. In Paris, France the city of love lovers exchange letters and cards. Twain celebrates Valentine’s twice a year February 14th and July 7th. In the Philippines the week of Valentine’s day thousands of philippines get married. In America to celebrate we give cards, letters, flowers, or presents. Many people also go to hotels or restaurants to celebrate. There are so many different ways to celebrate. Information taken from and