Cartoon Conspiracy Theories

Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc. crew represent one of many conspiracy theories. photo credit to

Natalie Swink and Ayarri Minor

Scooby Doo may not be as innocent that you previously thought. Winnie the Pooh is also a victim of misconception.  The truth is there is dark secrets behind these casts. Guess your going to have to keep reading this article to find out!


Firstly Scooby Doo. Everyone knows your favorite pal Scooby. The first episode aired in 1969, and has been a hit every since. The original Scooby show was set after a horrible economic depression struck the area. During the show you can see that all the buildings are abandoned and falling apart. Mystery Incorporated are constantly solving mysteries, but who are the villains behind the masks? The villains are people who were previously well respected individuals, celebrities, professors, and scientists. All of which are suffering through hard times. The time being a severe economic depression.


In addition to an economic depression, Scooby carries a political message.  While Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and Fred all represent stereotypes of the American population at the time.  Daphne and Fred represent traditional Americans, Daphne being the beautiful and rich woman, while Fred is the popular athlete. Together they are the perfect couple. Shaggy represents a new era of drugs, smelly and dirty, and cowardly because he does not support war efforts. Lastly Velma represents feminism, she isn’t as beautiful as Daphne, book smart, and introverted.

The next show you may not have realized has a deeper message is, Winnie the Pooh. each character represents a different mental disease. Winnie having an eating disorder, Tigger having ADHD, Piglet having anxiety, Kanga having a social disorder, Roo is on the autism spectrum, and Oyore having depression.  Winnie is constantly stressed out, and eating honey. Tigger can not sit still, which is a common symptom of ADHD, he is always bouncing on his tail. Piglet is always super nervous, all the time. Kanga has anxiety when she cant protect her son in her pouch. Roo is lacking awareness. And lastly Oyore is always sad, and has a negative outlook on the show.


Hopefully this makes you think more about the hidden message in television shows. Most of the time there is a hidden message that people rarely pick up on, unless they are actually looking for it. There are conspiracy theories for many other shows, and they all have many different meanings. If you have any requests about what shows we can do next, leave a comment under the article!