Stranger Things

A picture (from left to right) of Lucas, Will, Eleven, Mike and Dustin.


A picture (from left to right) of Lucas, Will, Eleven, Mike and Dustin. Source:

Andrea Abney, Writer

The Netflix series Stranger Things is a science-fiction horror show that was created by Matt and Ross Duffer. The first season was released on Netflix in July of 2016. The show consists of two seasons and has a total of seventeen episodes that have been aired. The show is filmed in Jackson, Mississippi.

Stranger Things is set in Hawkins, Indiana in 1983. The town is seen as a quiet, peaceful and friendly town. One night four boys named Will, Mike, Lucas and Dustin are playing Dungeons and Dragons in Mike’s basement. When Will is in battle with a Demogorgon he rolls the dice and lies about the number that he rolled. When Lucas and Dustin are going upstairs to leave, Will tells Mike that the Demogorgon got him. Later on that night when Will is riding home on his bike he notices that someone or something is following him. He falls off his bike on his way home and continues home. When he gets home he runs to the shed where the  Demogorgon captures him.  

As the season progresses, Will’s friends, family and officers start to search for him. One night when Dustin, Luke and Mike search for Will in the woods they meet an odd girl who calls herself Eleven who at first Lucas and Dustin are very skeptical about, but Mike welcomes her to the group. Will’s mother Joyce Byers starts to go insane over the disappearance over Will. At one point of time she uses an axe to chop down her living room wall due to her seeing Will’s hand pushing against a unusual membrane that is located behind the wall. Also, she goes to the store and buys many strings of Christmas lights to make a homemade ouija board by painting letters on her living room wall and stringing them all around the house to have contact with Will.

Mike, Lucas and Dustin can connect with Will with Eleven’s powers. Eleven inhabited her powers due to being experimented at Hawkins Laboratory, a strange place that is under suspicion by police chief Jim Hopper. The group of boys and Eleven use a walkie-talkie and listens to Will on the other end. One day Will’s mother gets a phone call she hears Will’s voice faintly over the phone, static and then the phone breaks. Will’s family and friends soon find out that they are connecting with Will through electricity.

As the first season is coming to an end. It is found out that Will is in a bizarre world called Upside Down. The Upside Down is a parallel universe where the Demogorgon roams around a supernatural version of the town of Hawkins. Mike’s older sister Nancy discovers the unusual world when she and Will’s older brother Jonathan are in the woods searching for Will. Nancy stumbles upon a tree and notices an opening. She goes through and discovers the mysterious Upside Down world and the Demogorgon. After she gets chased by the Demogorgon and makes her way back through the opening, she tells Jonathan about what she seen. A little later, Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers go to the Hawkins Laboratory to get to the Upside Down and rescue Will.

This is one of the most talked about Netflix series in Spotsylvania High School. The series has foreshadowing and jumpscares all throughout the two seasons. The show truly has an eighties feel to it. The music, the places, even the small details such as the wallpaper helps bring the audience back in time to that period of time.  At first, I wasn’t sure about the show, but then a couple of my teachers and friends recommended me to watch the show and I already became interested after watching a few episodes of the first season. I would definitely recommend this supernatural thriller series to anyone that need something new to binge on Netflix.