The Super Bowl

Matthew Genalo, Staff Writer

Sometimes referred to as “The Game of The Year”, the Super Bowl may have been just that. A neck and neck game the whole way through with little let up from both offenses ultimately ended with the Eagles on top 41-33. This is not only the first Super Bowl for the Philadelphia franchise, but this Super Bowl had the most yards in any NFL game ever, posting 1,151 yards, breaking the record in just the third quarter. The ridiculous amounts of offense finally slowed in the fourth quarter when the Eagles’ defense had a strip sack to allow their offense to kill much more time and give them their game winning 8 point lead. Nick Foles won MVP with his 300+  passing yards, 3 touchdowns, and 1 receiving touchdown performance. He is the first backup quarterback to win a super bowl since Tom Brady did it in 2001. The halftime show is always a part of the Super Bowl people look forward to. This year it was performed by Justin Timberlake. He started off with his new song “Filthy” which didn’t make much of an impression, but later on gave a tribute to Prince. Although it was a very controversial topic, it was considered the best part of the show with the buildings and lights surrounding the stadium turning purple. Of course there is always those who watch “just for commercials,” and if that was you then you got a great show this year. The Doritos Blaze vs. Mountain Dew Ice commercial was a huge success with Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage and Hollywood star Morgan Freeman lip-syncing Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot respectively. Tide commercials took over with an ongoing joke of making you think it was a certain ad, but then abruptly changes when Stranger Things star David Harbour says “it’s a tide ad.” There were many other noteworthy commercials including Amazon Alexa, Ram Truck, and of course Bud Light with their famous“Dilly Dilly!”