Althelete Of The Month: Reece Recabo


Reece Recabo, recieving his athlete of the month award in the hallway last week.

Natalie Swink, writer

Reece Recabo, a district, and regional 182-pound champion, and state finalist is the athlete of the month for February. A 44-4 record to end his high school wrestling career. Reece has been wrestling since the seventh grade. He played varsity football his freshman, sophomore, and junior year, in addition to varsity wrestling. Reece is unsure of his post-college plans.

Coach Woods said that Reece is an “exceptionally hard worker.” His work ethic carries over from sports to the classroom, with a 4.0 GPA. Reece is a team leader who is humble and grounded. When asked how Reece’s attitude affects the team Coach Woods said, “when Reece has a bad day, everyone has a bad day.” A teammate reflects on his experiences with Reece, a  very positive experience said Bayley Kera, and he also enjoyed learning from him. “Reece made me want to wrestle,” says Bayley Kera. Coach woods said everyone would miss Reece.


Reece Recabo is a well-rounded student-athlete who has seen great success is his high school athletics career. Hopefully, Reece will also find great success in whatever post-high school path he chooses to take. Wishing Reece good luck with his endeavors in the adult world!