Meals of the season

LeAnn Scrogham, writer

Everyone knows that one of the best things about the christmas season is the food. Everything from sweet cakes to a gorgeous turkey, a christmas meal has been a huge part of family traditions around the world. Let’s start with some festive snacks that are great for the holiday season. Lots of christmas parties or dinners sometimes revolve around an appetizing cheese ball. Usually served with crackers, this snack is great for the holidays or any occasion. If you’re a person with more of a sweet tooth a wonderful snack for the season would be some adorable christmas cookies with toppings of your choice. Covered with icing, candy, sprinkles or any sweet treat is a wonderful way to enjoy your christmas season. And you can’t have a joyous christmas season without some kind of decadent dessert. Whether its cake, cupcakes, candy or so much more just make sure that a sugary sweet is in store. Then of course you have to have a beautiful golden brown turkey, with all the trimmings. Joined by mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, green beans and so much more, the turkey is just the thing to wrap up your perfect christmas meal. So if your planning a holiday party or just a christmas family dinner, the food is always a huge part of the season.