The History of Valentine’s Day


"Valentines Day" written in a nice font with smaller hearts surrounding the words

Jashawn Banks, Editor/Writer

Valentine’s Day is a day where people all around the world show their love on February 14th to their significant others, their children, mother(s), father(s), or any other relatives that they have in their family.

While many kisses, hugs, and gifts are given out through this holiday, many really don’t know how this day really came to be.

Starting with an old wise tale, there was a man named St. Valentine’s, back in third century Rome. Back in this day and age, young couples were forbidden to be married as men were better off being soldiers fighting for their king, than starting a family. Valentines felt otherwise, so he secretly married couples but when he got caught he was sentenced to the death penalty. While in jail he was sent thank you letters from the couples he had married. When he died, couples all over celebrated this day, February 14th with love for one another and called it Valentine’s Day.

While many don’t believe this story is really true, love is still given out, and is charshied in Canada, Mexico, The United Kingdom, France, Australia, Denmark, Italy, and Japan causing this holiday to be the 9th most expensive holiday in the world, and the second-most popular greeting-card occasion according to

Last but not least, another good thing that is celebrated in this holiday is S.A.D. S.A.D is Singles Awareness Day and it serves as a compliment to Valentines Day for people who are single, and are not in a romantic relationship according to Elyssa Kirkham of

In conclusion, while many stories and theories may go around, this holiday of February 14th will always and forever be based on and around love, and will even give people who are single a chance to have something to celebrate in their midst of no relations.