The Process of getting Your learners

Daisha Spiece, Writer

      Getting ready to drive may seem stressful, but the whole process is a lot easier than everyone thinks. If you are a 10th-grader in any high school in the U.S., you should be taking drivers ED which is to help you understand what to do in all situations while driving. Before you even get behind the wheel you have to get your learners permit which you will obtain after passing the permit test.

    Drivers ED is a mandatory class for all high school students to pass in order to graduate. You learn the rules of the road through an instructor who explains all of the powerpoints that DMV puts together for us to take notes off of. You have to have at least thirty hours of instruction time in order to receive a green card at the end of the course. You cannot get your license without the green card that is signed by proper authority but you can get your permit without it.

    In order to get your permit you have to be fifteen and six months and have the proper information along with your parent/legal guardian. When you go to DMV for your permit you have to fill out the registration form which is only a page long and your parent/legal guardian has to sign the document. You have to provide a proof of identity like a DMV registered ID card, birth certificate, passport, or anything that is unexpired with your full legal name and birth date (it is always a good idea to bring back up information just to be safe). Your parent/legal guardian will have to bring proof of Virginia residency since you may not have what is required if you’re young. Your or your guardian will need bank statements, pay stubs, insurance card or bill, or a monthly lease or rent statement. The last things you’ll need to bring are your Social Security Card and about forty dollars for the permit fee if you pass.

    After showing the correct documents you’ll take a free vision test. After passing the vision test, you’ll go to take the permit test on either computer or paper (your choice) which is ten questions on traffic signs and you have to get all of them correct or the test is over and you have to wait fifteen days until you can retake the test. If you pass the signs test you then move on to the knowledge portion which is twenty questions and you have to score an eighty percent or higher in order to pass. Once you pass you pay the fee and you’ll receive a temporary permit paper while you wait for your card to be mailed to you.

    You have to keep your permit on you at all times while driving and keep a driving log with forty hours min. of driving with fifteen hours of night experience. You need an adult over the age of twenty-one with a valid drivers license in the passenger seat while you’re driving at all times. Remember to take your time and don’t do anything that you aren’t comfortable with and try to eliminate all distractions while driving. You’re the new driver and there’s no need to rush yourself.