Halee Lane, Staff Writer

Is it vandalism or is it art? In 1967 the street artist Darryl McCray or “Cornbread”, a high school student from Philadelphia, decided to start tagging city walls to get the attention of a girl. Starting at age 12, he spent two years in a juvenile detention center, where he got the nickname cornbread. It was because he kept harassing the cook to make corn bread like his grandmother did and after that it just stuck with him. Legend has it that at the age 17 Darryl hopped a fence at the Philadelphia Zoo to spray paint “Cornbread lives” on the side of an elephant. The reason behind him hopping the fence to the Philadelphia Zoo and sprayed “Cornbread lives” is because there was a news article that mistakenly declared “Cornbread Shot to Death”  Darryl wanted to do something huge and crazy to get everyone’s attention so everyone would know that he was indeed alive. There’s also other graffiti artist like Banksy, Lady pink,and Shepard Fairey. Banksy is a very popular anonymous England based graffiti artist. Banksy spray paints touching pictures of people. For example he painted a picture of a little girl losing a red heart shaped balloon. Lady pink however is a graffiti artist in New York City who paints shape like pictures. She spray painted a picture of a girl laying in grass and the lady was made out of shapes. Shepard Fairey is an American graffiti artist who paints pictures of people and sometimes politics. Some will argue that graffiti is nothing but vandalism, but there’s also others that will argue that it’s a different style of art that tells its own story.  But of course there’s also other people who look at graffiti and think there is no meaning and that it’s just destroying property. However, even though vandalism is illegal people still do it. People are always going to have different opinions about it, and that is okay.

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