The Ghost of Chatham Manor

Celina Russell

Chatham Manor was built by William Fitzhugh in 1771 and is currently located at 120 Chatham lane. This 247 year old house is notoriously known for its mysterious recurring ghost.

The story goes that an anonymise lady came to America from England , to stay at Chatham Manor by her father’s orders. The reason for this stay was because she had fallen deeply in love with a man underneath her class. So determined to break apart the couple he sent her away. But little did he know, that the couple had planned to meet at Chatham Manor and elope. When discussing the details of their plan a servant of the household had over herd them and told one of the guests staying there,not just any guest,but general George Washington himself!

On the night the couple had planned to run away together, the young lady climbed from her bedroom window and saw not her lover but George Washington, there was no trace that the man had ever been there. And that very night he shipped her back to England and eventually she married a different man of high class of her father’s choosing. After her death she vowed to return to Chatham Manor on the anniversary of her death, and search for her long lost lover in hopes of finding him.

She is currently known as “The Lady in White” and is seen walking down the path along the river where she was supposedly going to meet her partner and live a long happy life. Well…not everything goes as planned.

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