Winter Looks

Halee Lane, Staff Writer

Think about this, summer’s ending then there’s fall and it’s chilly but then all of a sudden it starts freezing that’s when you know it’s winter. But then there’s an issue, you have no new winter clothing. So here are three bomb outfits for winter. First, it’s time to get comfy! The first outfit is when you want to be comfy but you still have to go on the town, first get some jeans pair it with a really cute grey sweater with some boots. The second outfit is when you have to dress up rather it be to go to work, or church or just a job interview, take a pair of thigh high boots with black leggings and a long, kind of baggy, sweater. Finally, a super cute Winter outfit would be a pair of black jeans with a white T-shirt and brown boots. And to touch up the look add a light brown/nude color scarf and a denim jean jacket. There you go, now you’re ready for winter!