Spring Forward In To Fashion


Sabrina Hart and Irma De Jesus smiling in their pretty Spring outfits.

Ayarri Minor

Spring is such a beautiful season, it comes with blooming flowers and the warmth of sunshine.  The only bad thing about Spring is allergies, but having attractive outfits to wear cancels out the whole allergy thing. Lucky for you I have three outfits you can wear on those nice, rainy, and lazy Spring days.

First, a nice fit for Spring on those not too cold, not too hot days would be a dress. A dress is simple and                          makes you feel/look put together. To pair with your dress you can wear flats or sandals, or you can even wear converse to dress your dress down. Now, if you want your shoes to be the highlight of your fit stick with a solid color dress and vice versa if you want your dress to be your statement. Don’t like dresses wear some jeans and flow top or blouse.

It would be very nice if it was beautiful all the time in Spring but unfortunately, it’s not, some rainy days are mixed in there. So, for those rainy days, rain booties or boots are essential with your outfit. For your outfit a raincoat and jeans are must-haves. Rainy days are really tiring so throwing on a sweatshirt underneath your raincoat is perfectly fine. To add a little something to your fit wear some graphic long socks with your booties.

Lastly, everybody isn’t 100% all the time and waking up early in the morning is just ugh. Instead of just rolling out of bed wearing PJ’s here’s a lazy day outfit for you. Sweatpants paired with slides and an over sized shirt is a go-to for lazy fits. You can wear cute sweatpants or knit leggings with a cool graphic tee. And if you want a sturdy shoe wear Huaraches or Vans.