High School Timeline


Keeping your grades up through out the whole year help you in the future.

Kariah White, Staff Editor

Studies show that students typically take 112 mandated standard tests from Kindergarten to 12th grade. There are so many standard test you have to take just to get into college. High school is where it all balls down to.  From sitting in school for eight hours Monday through Friday to sitting in a class for three hours on a Saturday to take the ACT or SAT.

Freshman year is just the beginning so try not to worry about all the tests that are later on. Focus on meeting new people, getting into clubs, sports, etc. Sophomore year is all about prep.

In October take the PSAT and take it serious because it is almost like the real thing. In May take all the AP exams that you possible can. Summer after your Sophomore year start doing SAT and ACT prep. Junior year is crunch time, everything you do matters. In June register for your ACT test on www.act.com .

In September register for the SAT test on www.collegeboard.com . In October retake the SAT/ACT if you feel the need to. You can take these tests three times and colleges will look at your highest score. Always remember the earlier you sign up for these test the better, because spots are limited and fill up fast. These tests are in a variety of different school, so the earlier you sign up the most likely you are to get a spot in a school close to you. Summer after Junior year go right back into test prep. In Senior year October to November are the last tests for “early birds”. In December is the last time to take these tests at all.

Your whole high school year is based off of tests and preparing you for college. There are so many things to worry about just breathe and take your time you will do great. For more information about these tests and how to prepare for them go to www.collegexpress.com or www.magoosh.com .