Boys soccer team preview

Natalie Swink

Spotsylvania boys soccer team has seven seniors this year. In addition to seven seniors, they also have three juniors and a few sophomores. Coach Buchanan said that the sophomores would be an excellent addition to the starting line up as well as the bench. The captains this year are seniors Sam Brooks, and James Hough, and junior Hunter Wheeler. “As captains, they are expected to set the tone for the team and lead by example.” Coach Buchanan emphasized the fact that all three of the captains were chosen by teammates, with coaches approval. The standards are set high for both JV and varsity teams with the expectation being,  “The Boys’ Soccer Coaching Staff expects both Junior Varsity and Varsity teams to be respectful men both on and off the field.” in addition to being respectful, all players are expected to give 100% effort 100% of the time.


The most significant challenge the boy’s soccer team faces this season is the team meshing together. Coach Buchanan says that all the boys are great athletes, their skill levels vary which makes it hard for them to play as a team.  Coach Buchanan has a great goal set for the team this season. “Our goal is very simple this year…to win more games than not and to be a serious challenge for every team we play.” the JV coach, coach wheeler has great technical abilities and is doing a great job with training the JV team. “We have seen players who have had little to no experience become worthy of even being part of the starting line-up.” Coach Buchanan chose to keep only 16 players on varsity, which means there is room for JV players to be rewarded for their hard work and moved up to varsity. The coaching staff is already reviewing JV players who have proven themselves worthy of playing on the varsity team.


   The most rewarding part of coaching for Buchanan is seeing the team work together and apply what they have learned in practice, in the game. On the other hand, at practice the most rewarding thing is, “Seeing a player succeed as a respectful, hard-working person who is willing to help others and give back along the way.” hopefully the boys soccer team can find success in their playing, and continue to win games and better themselves as not only people but as athletes to!