The Lovely Lake Anna

LeAnn Scrogham, writer

Lake Anna is the center for fun around the area when the weather has its good days here in Virginia. The beautiful Lake Anna has so many wonderful activities to offer, from swimming to fishing you can always find something to do at the lake. Here in Virginia, when the sun comes out the water fun begins. Swimming, is one of the most popular things to do at the lake. Bringing your friends to join you for some swimming fun and water games, would make for some pretty enjoyable memories, but reeling in a mighty catch from the fierce waters of Lake Anna could also add to your sunny fun. If you’re looking for an entertaining day with your family and friends you can always take a boat ride or drive a jet ski around the charming waters of the lake. Although not everyone is a water activities  person you can still have fun at the lake without the water part of it.


Off to the side of the rushing waters of Lake Anna lies small beaches with plenty to offer. You could lay out in the sun, cookout on the shores, collect shells that the waves washed ashore and so much more. Any of these activities whether it’s in the water or on the beach Lake Anna is always a wonderful place to spend your time in the Spotsylvania area. Just make sure to bring your family and friends along to make it even better.