Hitting a Homerun into the New Season


Spotsy High's Pitcher steps onto the pitcher's mound as Orange player is ready to bat on March 16th at a game.

Erica Thompson, Writer

It’s time for another great season of baseball. This year’s returning players are Max Harper, Jonathan Rivard, Dante Fairchild, Eugene Snyder, Blake Boggs, Dale Roop, Michael Carlisle, Trevor Gallihugh, Ethan Gallihugh, Trevor Croson and Kalib Saul. “We are a veteran team that has a lot of talent.” Coach Payne says that this is one of the teams biggest strengths. Coach Payne also says that the team should be good offensively and with pitching. The team works strenuously on batting skills as they hit in batting cages and on the fields. Some of their drills include front toss, hit off the tee and soft toss. To make sure the team stays in the best possible shape Coach Payne makes sure that they run a lot during practice. There are many different positions played in Baseball. Although their practice is intense, Coach Payne says that their greatest weakness is playing with the same intensity throughout the whole game. He expects Eastern View, Courtland and Chancellor to be the team’s toughest competition. Coach Payne also says “ With the talent and experience that we have, I believe that we can have a very strong season. The guys are committed and working very hard.”So far the team the team has had a great start to their season. So far they have defeated 3 different teams. They won against Culpeper 11-6, Orange 7-2, 8-4 against Warren.