The Simpsons Predictions Actually Have A Explanation

Simpson and his family sitting on the couch in front of their television indulging in family time. photo creds to

Natalie Swink, Ayarri Minor

As most people know, the Simpsons have correctly predicted many significant events in the 29 years it has been on the air. Such events include 9/11, Donald Trump running for president, and Disney taking over Fox. The creators of the show are highly intelligent, and most are Harvard graduates. “ It’s just a sort of frame of mind that we’ve got that we think one year ahead,” said Al Jean, an original writer of the show.

The episode “Bart To The Future” that aired in 2000 was the episode that predicted Trump running for president.  In the episode, Bart snuck into a casino and got caught. The owner of the casino shows Bart what his future could look like. In this future Donald Trump is president. After his term is over, Lisa becomes the next president. She inherited quite a lot of debt from the former president. The producers explained the joke and said this wasn’t trying to foreshadow anything, and that it just seems like the most logical explanation for America hitting rock bottom and going insane.

Another one of the many incidences the Simpsons have predicted is Disney buying 20th Century Fox. In the episode “When You Dish Upon A Star” that first aired in 1998. During the episode, an image of the 20th Century Fox logo is shown with “A division of Walt Disney” engraved at the bottom. This foreshadowed Disney buying Fox in late 2017.