Master of None

Dev, Rachel, Denise and Arnold are all sitting in the booth spending time and eating food.

Dev, Rachel, Denise and Arnold are all sitting in the booth spending time and eating food. Source:

Andrea Abney, Writer

The show Master of None was first aired on November 6th, 2015. It was created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Young. The series consists of two seasons. The first season was aired on November 6th 2015 and the second season was aired on May 12th 2017. Both seasons consists of ten episodes that are roughly around thirty minutes long. Creators Ansari and Yang feel that having each episode of the show last around thirty minutes helps them step back from the romance of the show and bring other things to topic such as racism, family and social media.

The main cast of in the Netflix series is Aziz Ansari, Eric Wareheim, Noël Wells, Kelvin Yu, Alseeandra Mastronardi, Ravi Patel, Lena Waithe and Noah Emmerich. The show focuses on a thirty year old actor named Dev Shah (Ansari) who lives in New York City. Dev is a chill, humorous and a stylish guy who is a good friend. He always tries to do right and also second guesses his decisions when it comes to situations, but his friends always try their best to help him. Throughout the series he is spending time with his close friends Brian (Yu), Denise (Waithe), and Arnold (Werheim).

Brian is a chill ladies man who is a good friend of Dev’s. He and Dev are always checking out new places such as restaurants or parties. Brian always rates the new places or events that he visits with grades such as “A-“or “B-“. Brian doesn’t have a close relationship with his father, but in episode two in season one, him and Dev plain a dinner with his dad and Dev’s parents to get to learn about their parents’ childhoods.

Denise is another one of Dev’s friends who truly cares about him and the others. She is always happy to give Dev great advice when he needs it. At some point in times she can be a smart mouth, but she is one of the funniest characters in the show.

Arnold is a friend of Dev, Denise and Brian. Arnold loves to give Dev advice about problems like the others, but sometimes the suggestions that he says are very bizarre. He can be a little bit childish sometimes, but he can be a great friend at heart.

When I first watched Master of None I immediately became interested. The show makes you feel like you’re actually there with the characters. Each actor plays their character very well. My favorite thing about this Netflix series is that they include words that teens use today such as “fleek” or “yo”. It helps the series show a perspective from this generation. Another thing that I love about Master of None is the music. I love how they play different songs every opening of each episode. The songs come from different types of genres such as rock, pop, hip-hop, R&B and more. I just like the songs that are on the show in general.

This is my favorite show on Netflix! I would certainly recommend this series to anyone who needs something new to watch!