The Blame Game

Daisha Spiece, Reporter

Change the channel and the way you think. Courtesy of

    I always find myself wondering about how corrupt society is after I watch the news. More than 90% of the news is negative stories. Its as if the media wants everyone to be depressed and give up hope. You never hear about who donated money to the homeless or which kid just beat cancer. But you’ve definitely heard about the house that just burnt down or how many people have been killed this morning. If we only focus on the negative then how are we supposed to stay positive?

    In all actuality, it isn’t the reporters fault. People are naturally drawn to bad news. Just like any other business that wants to take off, they give the people what they want no matter how toxic it could be. Society as whole needs to change what we think and worry about. We should be able to walk to school without worrying about who might kidnap us. Our first reaction to a loud bang shouldn’t be to duck and hide with the fear of bullets flying towards us. We shouldn’t be numb to the deaths and terrorist acts. But every other day there’s a new story the reporters are telling us. Its fed to us on a big spoon and we eat it mouthfuls at a time while we’re oblivious to the good that people are doing.

    The people that are actually trying to make the world a better place get no recognition. We’re so quick to discuss everything negative about a person, but ignore the positive things they’ve done. People obviously like attention so when we don’t give it to the helpful ones, they turn around and find another way to receive it, even if that means doing something illegal. It’s pathetic but it makes sense. When there’s a shooting who’s on the news first? The gunman. Who are we following up on months later? The gunman’s trial. And if we interview the families again the reporters make them cry by making them talk about the incident instead of asking them to tell us about the victim and what a great person they were.

    As a whole lets help the community and tell everyone about it. Lets stop marching and protesting and actually take control for the better. When’s the last time you volunteered at a homeless shelter or donated to goodwill? Stop sitting back and watching the murder rates go up. Stand up for the kid that gets picked on. Stop walking out and walk up to the kid sitting by themself. If we all do something individually we could make a drastic change.