Best and Worst Local Parks

Loriella Park, located on Leavells Road, is a park you won't want to miss! Photo Courtesy to:

Lauren Keesecker, Writer, Print


Which of these 3 parks is the best park in Spotsylvania and which one is the worst? Loriella, Marshall, or Arritt Park? There are plenty of parks in Spotsy, but these are the most recognizable.

Up first is Arritt Park. Arritt Park is on Wallers road, and it isn’t much, but you can have some real fun there. There’s plenty of parking, and there’s an enclosed picnic area right next to the parking lot for those who want to hold parties or events there. Down the hill there is a small, but great, playground. Next to the playground there are multiple fields for sports and additional parking spaces. One of the best things about the park is the isolation. You don’t have to worry about 25 kids being there at one time because it’s on a quiet road. Overall, this park is ranked #3 on the list because even though it has a lot of good qualities, it is still a little bland and is very small compared to the other parks.

Up next is Marshall Park. Marshall Park is on Courthouse Road and is a popular spot for soccer and baseball games during the summer. There is tons of parking here so finding a parking spot shouldn’t be so hard. There are two baseball fields, two soccer fields, and a basketball court. Next to the basketball court, there is a restroom. Behind the restroom, there is a park for younger kids. This park is ranked #2 because it is a has more room for sports activities, but it has a very small playground.

Finally, we have Loriella Park. If you’ve been there before, you know they have so many activities you can take part in. They have a swimming pool, a large playground, many sports fields and courts, hiking trails, and much more. This park really satisfies people’s needs. The only complaint is that there are too many people there, but who can resist? This park is #1 on this list because it has so many activities and fun for every person in the family!