Are you ready for the Track Season?


Brandon Waller

A group of students on the track team grouping up after they took their Track pictures

Jashawn Banks, Editor/Writer

With Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Field Hockey, Golf, and other major sports going on in Spostylvania High being over, it’s time for the runners favorite time of the year. Track season has just began, and fellow students throughout spotsy high are ready for it.

On February 19, 2018 students who wanted to try out for the track team were sent to the track to show what they got throughout a three day period, running intervals, miles, and laps trying to gain their stamina back. According to fellow team members of last track season, these days are not the easiest, in fact these three days are the days that either make you or break you.

After the three days are up, the students who have passed through the running test with only a few bumps and bruises were selected to be on the team. But it’s not just one position, in fact there is multiple. The first position is the Sprinters. The Sprint is normally for the people who have short stamina, and are use to running short distances. Their events include running the -100m, -200m, and the -400m dash.

The next position in track is Long Distance. Long Distance is a position for athletes who really have good control over their breath intakes, and have a good amount of stamina to last them through the -3000m steeplechase, 5000m, and 10,000m dash.

Furthermore in track, you have the Hurdlers and the Throwers. The hurdles is the event in which 10 hurdles are set up in the middle of the track for both the -100m and the -400m dash.

Last but not least there is Shot Put and Discus. In Shot Put each individual involved will have a chance to throw a big, round, heavy, metal ball. In Discus, each individual involved will throw a heavy round disk.

According to Isaiah Ramadane, one of the team captains, most of these events can lead to many of the team members feeling as though, a certain event is their weakness. But with his help, he encourages each team member to not believe in weaknesses and to believe that they have strengths in some type of way.

Some other team captains that also try to incorporate this message is; Tylik, Limiah Coleman, Deqona Banks, Sophia, and Robbie.

In conclusion, With the the track season in motion, are you ready for this years 2018 track season?