Serving Up With Softball


A picture of the Junior Varsity softball team posing for a team picture. In the front: Katelyn Feiffer and Ashley Perryman. From the first row starting on the left: Sydney Wood, Karli Anderson, Malorie Bettis and Taylor Krouse. From the second row starting on the left: Makynzie Terrell, Jordan Delaney, Brandy Roberts, Sydney Brown, Mollie Puckett, Emily Sellers, Kristen Shook and Brooke Leonard. Photo Credit:

Andrea Abney, Writer

The Spotsylvania High School Junior Varsity softball team consists of twenty people. There are thirteen junior varsity players who’s names are:  Jordan Delaney, Emily Sellers, Sydney Wood, Malorie Bettis, Makynzie Terrell, Katelyn Feiffer, Sydney Brown, Brooke Leonard, Karli Anderson, Ashley Perryman, Taylor Krouse, Mollie Puckett, Kaitlyn Dileo, Kristen Shook and Brandy Roberts. Candace Russnak and Taylor Rumly are the managers of the team and the coaches of the team are Coach Russnak and Coach Brock.

During practice the Junior Varsity team conducts a few activities infield and outfield such as Pop Flies. Pop Flies is when someone hits the ball into the air and another team mate must run to catch the ball. Another activity that is conducted during practice is called Grounders. Grounders is when the ball is rolling across the ground and someone must run to the ball and throw it to the team mate that is catching. The team also does batting practice as well.

The Junior Varsity has played five games in total. They have played against Massaponax, Chancellor, Culpeper, Orange County and Warren County. They won against Massaponax, Chancellor and Culpeper and lost against Orange County and Warren County. The team has also had a scrimmage game against Colonial Beach, which they won.

During the team’s games, Katelyn Fieffer has gotten two home runs and Brandy Roberts has gotten one home run. In one game Brooke Leonard caught the ball and got the opponent that was first base out. The opponent continued to run for second base resulting in a double play.

The Varsity Softball team has fifteen people that include twelve players who are: Breana Donnell, Carmen Rodgers, Olyvia Myers, Courtney Gentry, Briana Ferguson, Haley Shepherd, Taylor Fines, Jordan Shelton, Lillian Martinez, Brittney Donnell, Taylor Boggs and Alexis Wahlquist. The three coaches that on the team are Coach Ruby, Coach Thompson and Coach Ricketts.

The team practices Monday through Thursday in the field and out of the field drills. They also conduct hitting drills at well.

The Varsity Team has had a total of six games. They have won two games and lost four games. Before a game the team talks about problems and help each other get over them so they can have a clear mindset while playing their game. They also get each other excited before the game and pray. If something goes wrong during a game the team tries to pick each other up to keep the positive spirit.