Allergies are in the air

LeAnn Scrogham, writer

Even though it might not feel like it but spring is in the air and so are allergies. From a runny nose to sneezes that can rumble a room, around this time of year it seems like everyone develops some kind a allergy. Of course when you have an allergy you always look for a way to prevent it. When looking for some allergy remedies there is always plenty to choose from.


For the very common runny nose that always makes a visit, many people like to take their own spin on how to overcome it. One way to do this would be putting drops of salt water into each nostril. Some other home remedies would be breathing in steam, chewing on garlic or even chewing a small piece of ginger. If your not into the whole home medicine thing you could always try some store bought medicine from the local drug store.


A big thing that does affect lots of people this year is a cough. Everything from a small cough to a big one, there is a lot of ways to get rid of it. In the home remedy area for this it is recommended to gargle salt water, steam inhalation, a lemon and honey drink and so much more. Although you can also take the store bought road with this one as well.


So weather its a runny nose, a cough or something completely different just remember there is always a way to stop it.