anthony wheeler

Artificial Intelligence is starting to become part of our life. In the next few years your phone may have artificial intelligence in it. But before you throw your phone on the ground and become amish you need to know what artificial intelligence is. What i think most people are afraid of is artificial consciousness. Artificial intelligence is the ability to think. While the artificial counsessnes is the ability to be aware. Meaning they can feel.


So to the point at hand how can artificial intelligence help spotsy. Grading is one of the most tedious things about teaching. Artificial Intelligence can help in this area greatly giving teachers more time for lesson planning and they can even figure out what areas the student struggles and relay that to the teacher.


Another area that they help in is with tutoring. They can work one on one with students and learn what they struggle with and help them with it. If a child struggles with ADHD then the A.I will learn new ways to help the child with ADHD.

One thing that students have trouble with is the overwhelming stress they feel. Expected to act like a adult but not allowed to do adult things. Artificial Intelligence can help them because it can give them an unbiased friend to talk to. They will be able to tell the A.I. any problem they may have without worry of it going anywhere beyond them