seedship review

anthony wheeler

People often look toward the future. What will happen tomorrow? Will there be a tomorrow? Seedship takes place in the future. You are a artificial intelligence, not human but made to think and feel like a human. It has a simple but important job: finding a new planet for the last one thousand humans left who are in a frozen sleep.


What i enjoyed the most was the randomly generated planets. Each planet is different. Some have no water, some have unstable geology, some even already have a civilization on them.finding the planets the easy part. The hard part is making sure your ship stays safe. In the game there’s radiation storms, asteroid showers, and aliens that may or may not be friendly. There are 4 categories that can get damaged through you journey. The resource scanners, the systems, the databases, and the colonist them self. The resource scanners are what scan the planet to see what it has on it. The systems are what help you land and help build the new civilization. The databases determine what type of technology you colonist will have and what type of culture they will have as well. This game is available for free on playstore and only take’s up 1.48 mb of space plus its offline so no lag. So go and download this 5 star game now