Ask Daisha

Daisha Spiece, Writer

Should I choose a job over sports?


    Something that I will always say is “Do what makes you happy.” Even if that sounds cliche, you need to put your feelings first. If you know you aren’t going to go anywhere with sports then you should probably pick a job especially if you’re getting older and need to buy a car or save up for school soon. If you want to have a career with sports then put your 100% into the team and bettering yourself. Even try and do both if possible. A lot of people play sports during the season and get a summer job. Which ever is going to benefit you in the long run is what you need to do.


How should I talk to my parents about a serious situation?


    I’ve always been better with my words so in the past I’ve written a letter to my mom and explained why I did so. I asked my mom to only write back and to not speak about it in person. The both of us were able to talk about the issue and resolve it with no arguing or yelling. When you’re writing to someone you can write down how you feel then go back later on and change some of the things you’ve said. When you’re talking to someone you can’t go back and change what was said. A lot of times you say something you don’t mean and you can’t take that back then you regret it. Writing gives you extra time to think about how you feel and what you need to say.

I’m so angry all the time.. How can I change that?


    You have to take a step back from some situations and decide what needs a reaction and what doesn’t. Remember that you are the only person that should be responsible for your feelings and you have control over how you feel. You really have to KNOW that you’re in control. Realize that when you’re mad over nothing you’re wasting your energy and time that you’ll never get back. Sometimes people just want a reaction out of you and to get back at them the best thing to do is nothing at all. Being happy and carefree is one of the best feelings there is and I’d take that over being angry any day, so I pause before I let something bother me. I am one to get hot-headed very fast and I find myself saying things like “it won’t matter in a few weeks” over and over until I realize that it’s actually true and I can calm myself down. Self control plays a big part and you just have to find what works for you.