Health Hack: Getting a Good Night Sleep

A teenager sleeping inside of class at school. Photo Courtesy of Not getting enough sleep at night can cause students to fall asleep during class.

Kariah White, staff editor

Having trouble sleeping at night is very common in high schoolers. Here are so health hack to help you get the sleep you need. Get on a regular sleep schedule don’t sleep in on the weekends. Wake up at the same time everyday even if you have nothing to do that day. Ban stress inside the bedroom. Don’t do homework, or do any work inside the bedroom keep that outside. Stay away from all screens, turn all lights out 1 hour before bedtime. Take a relaxing hot bath, a hot bath can manipulate the body temperature that can prepare you for bed. Eat a small snack, sometimes being hungry can sometimes interfere with sleep. Sleep with essential oils, oil makes you so much more relaxed. Sleep with the window open it can be relaxing having fresh air circulate throughout the room. Kick your pets out the bed it could free up more space in the bed. Read a book before bed can free up your mind. Last but not least slowly start powering down an hour before bedtime. Here are some helpful hacks for getting a better night sleep.

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