Freshman Advice


Freshman coming to high school may feel anxious about starting a new school, so they will wear a name tag to show they are new to this school just in case they make mistakes.

Lauren Keesecker, Writer, Print

The year is coming to a close, and the kids at Spotsy high are ready for summer. This is the perfect time to start reflecting back on freshman year. Next year many upcoming ninth graders will be transitioning into high school which can be worrisome and stressful for most kids. Here’s what to expect and what not to expect.

First, the workload is a little heavier than it was in middle school. Classwork is the same though it’s challenging most of the the time, but there is a huge increase in homework. Of course, this all depends on the classes you take, but from experience, there’s much more homework than anyone expected. To balance all of this homework with after school activities and personal time, you should do your homework for the night right when you get home. This will reduce stress, and you’re more likely to do it in the afternoon than late at night.

Next, producers pf movies glorify students and how they behave. We all know the groups of people high school movies have. In reality, there are more groups of people than you’d expect. There are many unique people at school, and the majority of them are carefree and don’t pay any attention to anybody unless they’re associated with them.

Last, teachers are more strict. In middle school, teachers were lenient and allowed you to turn in late work without penalty, but in high school, most teachers won’t let you turn in work, and if they do they take points of for it. This shouldn’t be a problem for most upcoming ninth graders seeming as they turn in work on time anyways.