SHS Teachers


Ms.Newton, a geometry teacher, sitting at her desk in her classroom.

Ayarri Minor, Writer

Teachers have the biggest hearts, inspire their students, and have a huge impact on their students lives. Teachers put in so much time and work to teach the next generation; they deserve so much recognition and appreciation for all the contributions they make to education and the society. Teachers, what is it like to be one; and why do they teach? Is it just something they just love doing? I interviewed a teacher and got some answers to the following questions above.
I interviewed Ms. LaRocco, a AP Human Geography teacher, and asked her a few questions. The first question I asked was “ How long have you teached.” Ms. LaRocco has been teaching for 15 years; she went to school at Mary Washington college and majored in history. When asked was it worth it she replied saying “ It was definitely worth it! My college experience helped me in so many ways to be prepared for real life.” Ms. LaRocco said “ I genuinely enjoy teaching students about their use as a global citizen. I am passionate about our students being informed about their communities plus their place in the world.” One of the next question I asked her was “What is it like to be a teacher?” “Exhausting, but rewarding! After school plus practice, there are a lot of hours devoted to grading papers and lessons.” Last question asked was “ Has any students show their appreciation during teacher Appreciation week?” Ms.LaRocco said, “Yes. Spots When Your High School teachers love getting the notes of appreciation from students.”
The next teacher interviewed was Ms.Newton, a Geometry teacher. Ms.Newton has been a teacher for 23 years, she went to Mary Washington college and majored in mathematics. Ms.Newton said, “ I love teaching kids and helping them grow into amazing people.” When asked “ What is it liked to be a teacher?”; She replied saying, “ Very time consuming.” Next, she was asked “ Has any students showed with appreciation in during Teacher Appreciation Week?” She replied saying, “ Sometimes- I think Elementary teachers see more appreciation.”
Last but not least, I interviewed Ms.Stevens, a physical education and health teacher. Ms.Stevens has teached for 18 years; she went to college at Marshall University and majored in physical education/health, plus youth development. “Why do you teach?” Ms.Stevens said, “ To help youth to realize their full potential ( in or out of the classroom). Teaching is about more than learning your subject matter. I have a true love for helping teens, to teach,and the subject. I able to help yout think about their decisions and how it impacts them and others; this is very important to me.” “What is it like to be a teacher?”
Ms.Stevens said, “Great most days. I love to see youth enjoying life, making relationships, and discover their potentials.” “Has any students show their appreciation during Teacher Appreciation week?” Ms.Stevens replied saying, “ Yes and no. My favourite part is letters students write, and I’ve received many over the years. I don’t think all students understand the impact of showing teachers appreciation. It renews us and reminds us why we do what we do.”
In conclusion, teachers are here to help us succeed, they want to see us succeed. They do all of this to help us as young adults. You should tell your teachers how much you appreciate them- they’re doing a lot for you.