Spotsylvania’s population

Celina Russell

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Ever since 1970 Spotsy’s population has rapidly grown. In 1970 spotsylvania had approximately had 16,706 citizens, and in the span of just one year it had 1785 about one thousand more than before. In the span of 10 years in 1980 Spotsylvania’s population grew 15,289 more people, and keeps growing at a faster rate as the years pass by.

Like any other growing county, there’s a lot more buildings being built at a rapid pace. Do we need all these new buildings being made? Well there’s two sides to that. On one side of this debate homeowners of Spotsylvania want it to keep it’s small town vibe, the other side wants new buildings for financial purposes.

A very good example of this ongoing debate is the expansion on Merchant square located by the spotsylvania courthouse. The department of social services that is currently located in the Merchant square building, has now outgrown the building and is in need of a new one. The county is currently trying to accommodate a new building which has stirred up the citizens of spotsylvania, they are saying that they should have thought ahead and had a bigger building to begin with.

Renovating the current building DSS is in, is not a long-term solution and we will be at this same place shortly in the future. The cost presented to the BOS on Thursday to expand the current building was either $1.6 or $1.7 million depending on which option was chosen. The overriding concern about staying in the current building is parking and the options to address this issue raises safety concerns for our social service employees. We new a master plan for the courthouse area and that should include a new building for DSS and other functions.

This information was presented on Facebook, which got the attention of many of Spotsylvania’s citizens. Most of the comments were negative, and people are angry because of the lack of long term planning, and now the county residents have to pay for a new building.