Kings Dominion


Kings Dominion's newest Roller Coaster for the 2018 season is Twisted Timbers. (Photo courtesy of The Coaster Critic)

Erica Thompson, Writer

Roller coasters, water rides, games and challenges. Many people wait all winter long and look forward to the opening of Kings Dominion. The past few years there have been additions to the amusement park. This years newest addition is Twisted Timbers. Twisted Timbers is located where the Hurler used to be located. For the excitement of the thrilling new ride the lines are usually backed up all the way to the entrance. In addition to the new ride, the names of many rides have changed. A ride that used to be called The Ricochet  is now called Apple Zapple. The ride’s colors have changed from being yellow and green to red and green. One of the first rides built in the amusement park was the Rebel Yell. This year the name of the famous roller coaster has been changed to Racer 75.