Little Feet Meet


Kariah white

Little Feet Meet on April 17, 2018. One of the groups pose for a picture right before the kids arrive for a day full of games and laughs.

Kariah White, Staff editor

In the months April, May, June many high school’s across Virginia participate in little feet meet. This brings students with and without a disabilities together to meet each other, play games, and have fun.  On April 17, 2018. It was 43 degrees out with very high winds. This event was so big we had to open it up freshmen. Over 400 students volunteered for this event.There were fourteen schools represented forty two different classes from pre K all the way up to 5th grade. Even with it being so cold the little kids still enjoyed themselves. While waiting for the other school to get there some groups to get there someone group leaders played duck duck goose, relay races or had a dance battle with their kids. Twelve stations filled with fun and laugher. Each group rotated around to each station to play all twelve games.One of the games that really excited the kids was the parachute popcorn, soccer, and 100 meter. Seeing all the little kids laugh and enjoy themselves is the most heartwarming thing. Dylan Rich said “I am so glad they opened it up to freshmen this was an amazing opportunity and I will be signing up for ot nest year”. Spotsylvania High School has been participated In this event for 6 years. Thank you to Ms. Benedict for organizing this whole event. She has been in charge of this event since we started participating. The idea was introduced to her by Mr. Patterson and Mr. Davis and it was taken straight to the county. Ms. Benedict hopes to carry on this event for a very long time.