Gladys P. Todd: Grinding to the End


A picture of Fred Watkins and the kids from both cohorts after Fred Watkins' presentation about his photography career. Photo Taken By: Bob

Andrea Abney, Writer

The Gladys P. Todd Academy is a program where students from the junior and senior class have the opportunity to complete multiple college courses to receive their Associate’s degree by the time they graduate their senior year.
This year, there are two cohorts. Cohort two, which are seniors, consists of twelve students from Spotsylvania High school and nine students from James Monroe High School. Cohort three consists of three students from Spotsylvania High School and fourteen from James Monroe High School.
For two years the seniors and for one year the juniors, made friendships and memories from the wonderful experience. From power points, to group projects, to papers and essays, the two cohorts have helped each other stay on top of assignments and turning them in on time.
Most of the teachers that are associated with the program can teach well, know about the information, try to help you the best that they can and the methods that they use to teach with are very helpful for the students to understand the criteria. Also, they were very influential and tried to get to know the students.
Every Friday if students needed help they could go to the tutoring center. The staff is very helpful to students who are struggling. They think of creative ways to helps the students understand the criteria more such as games and trivia to make reviewing less boring. The staff is nice and always happy to help.
This year, the kids from both cohorts and the staff of the Gladys P. Todd program have listened to guest speakers talk such as Fred Watkins, a professional photographer that has taken pictures with many celebrities and scenery. Mr. Watkins shared funny st0ries about experiences that he had during his career. Both cohorts have also gotten the opportunity to talk to Gladys P. Todd’s daughter, Gayle Todd Adegbalola. Ms. Adegbalola told the cohorts about how lucky they were to get this opportunity, her mother’s history and also played a few songs for them. Also, the cohorts participated in a drunk driving simulat0r by playing Mario Kart with drunk goggles on and they attempted to walk on a piece of caution tape while wearing the goggles.

The Gladys P. Todd Academy is a wonderful experience for high schoolers. You get a early feeling of how college life is and how it feels to be a college freshman and sophomore! I’m glad I got accepted into the program.