On My Block

From left, a picture of Jamal, Monse, Ruby and Cesar.


From left, a picture of Jamal, Monse, Ruby and Cesar. Source:https://www.serienjunkies.de/on-my-block/

Andrea Abney, Writer

The series On My Block was created in 2018 by Lauren Lungerich, Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft. The series first aired on Netflix on March 16th, 2018. The first and only season consists of ten episodes. Each episode are considered as chapters of the teens’ lives which are thirty minutes each. The series is based in South Central Los Angeles, California.

The comedy show revolves around five kids whose names are Cesar, Ruby, Monse, Olivia and Jamal, who are four teenagers that are about to start their high school careers. The five  friends are eager to feel the experience of being high schoolers such as gaining more freedom, high school crushes, getting invited to parties, school dances and many more, but they are unaware of the obstacles such as drama, risk of losing friendships, stress and other things that will be included during their four-year journey.

Cesar is the one in the crew who has the most streets smarts due to his family being involved in a gang. He gets into the gang due to his older brother Oscar getting out of prison and persuading him to join. Him and Monse have a secret relationship throughout the season. Towards the end of the season, he almost loses his life.

Ruby is the brains of the crew. He is a little bit paranoid when it comes to situations and always expects the worst. Ruby also does not like to be wrong when it comes to an argument. He develops a crush on a girl named Olivia who moved in his house in the beginning of the season.
Monse is an aspiring writer. She is very demanding when it comes to her wanting to know the truth. Her and Cesar have a secret relationship during the season. Also, she does not have a filter whatsoever. Towards the end of season one she finds the woman who she believes to be her mother and meets her in person.

Jamal is the crew member who is not afraid to gave his opinions and advice when it comes to his friends’ problems. He always says “I can not keep a secret.” when he is about to tell his friends anything. He is always trying to fulfill his dad’s dreams of being a football player, but he does not have the heart to tell his father that he is not interested in playing football. He has his heart set on finding the legendary Rollerworld money.

Olivia is the peacemaker of the crew.She’s always trying to keep the group together and on good terms. She is also Ruby’s love interest. During the season, her and Cesar date briefly until the day of her quinceañera when she realizes Cesar still has feelings for Monse.

On my Block is a series that ongoing middle and high schoolers can relate to. This is one of my top favorite Netflix series that I have seen so far. It provides the right amount of comedy with the right amount of seriousness as well. I can not wait till the second season is on Netflix.