Wells Theater

Celina Russell

The fly rail located above the stage, where the spirit of Ned is often seen still working the riggs. Photo courtesy of pilotonline.com

Wells theater located in Norfolk, is notorious for the paranormal happenings that occur inside its walls. This historic theater was built in 1913 and was host for several types of cinemas in its prime. Including silent movies, operas, adult films,and the home of the virginia stage company for about 40 years.

Wells hasn’t changed much since it was first built, so it still rigged the same. The stage crew was mostly composed of sailors because of the ship-like riggs. In fact people often see a manifestation of a wispy spirit named Ned, the stagehead who haunts the fly rail still working the riggs.

The artisan who helped with the original interior design, of the theater, crafted the plaster faces that are presented on the boxes and ceiling, he made one of his daughter that stands close to the stage, people say he is still seen gazing at that very plaster face.

Another frequently seen apparition, is a mischievous child who is seen in the second balcony(currently used as a storage room), he often is heard laughing and the sound of squeaky shoes rings throughout the theater as he runs by.

The most prominent apparition is the lady in white. She is seen in the lobby, dressing rooms and roaming the hallway connecting the lobby to the backstage, still performing operatic arias, because the show must go on right?