Tattoos? Tattoos.

Daisha Spiece, Writer

Even an eleven year old has mastered the art of tattooing. Courtesy of

From one little initial to full body coverings, people have been obsessing over tattoos for more than 5,000 years. Some people get tattoos because of tradition, religion, pride, pressure, or passion. In the early 1900’s people who served in the military were the main ones getting tattoos. That was until the late ‘60’s early ‘70’s when the everyday people in “The Hippie Generation” started getting interested in them as well. However, along with the loving there’s always the hating.

    The people in society that would get tattoos were often scolded and thought to be “odd” or “different.” Don’t get me wrong, some people of today’s generation still haven’t accepted this form of art, but of course everyone can’t agree on everything. It wasn’t until the late ‘90’s early 2000’s when the majority of adults were getting the permanent ink on their skin. As long as you’re doing what makes you happy then what everyone else is saying is irrelevant. It’s your money and your body. Of course there are some job restrictions and limits to what you can have visible and personally that would be the only thing that could hold me back from getting certain tattoos. Well, the job situation and the risks of getting tattoos.

     People used to wonder if tattoos were cancer related or caused any bodily harm. Scientists have figured out that the average tattoos don’t contribute to skin cancer or any other form of cancer. However, tattoos that are on or near moles can be harmful. There is a chance of forming Melanoma (a type of skin cancer) which is the most serious form on skin cancer. Doctors say to not get tattoos near or on moles and to also check with your doctor about the section of your body before getting a tattoo.

    The legal age for people to get tattoos by themselves is eighteen, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of teenagers across the U.S. from getting them. A minor can get a tattoo only with the permission of a parent/guardian, but kids still push the limit. Many artists with or without a license are doing under the counter tattoos for underaged kids. If you’re under the age of eighteen and you don’t have a parent/guardian present with you while getting a tattoo, that is a Class 1 Misdemeanor for the artist. Some people think the age limits are there to only try and hold teenagers back, some understand that the mind of a teenager is inconsistent and that we shouldn’t always be in charge of permanent decisions.