Cadet of the Month – April


Pretcous Dupree being handed her cadet of the month by Kariah White and Jashawn Banks.

Lauren Keesecker, Writer, Print

The Cadet of the month for April is Pretcous Dupree. She was chosen as this month’s Cadet by the Journalism Staff. To qualify for this incredible award, Cadets must be hard working, kind, helpful, good listeners, and always pushing themselves to do bigger and better things. Pretcous was chosen because she not only does all of these things, she also comes to class ready to face whatever the class is doing that day. She also excels in physical training and drill, and she never complains about what she is put to do. She is very adamant on coming to school in uniform when assigned. Other ROTC students admire her, and strive to be as responsible and as kindhearted as Pretcous. Overall, Pretcous is very determined, confident, helpful, and a student that others can look up to.