The perfect backyard games

LeAnn Scrogham, writer

Around this time of year there is so much to do with the summer days fast approaching. Many people like to spend the warm and sunny weather playing backyard games like cornhole, kan jam, ladder golf and so much more. Just a simple backyard game could bring family and friends closer and is such a great way to spend the day.


One game that lots of people enjoy playing is cornhole. Cornhole is one of the most popular summer games around. The object of cornhole is to throw the bean bags into the hole or on the board without passing 21 points. It is played by two teams of two and the boards are set 27 feet apart. The regulation size of cornhole boards are 4 ft long and 2 ft wide. They can cost anywhere from $60 to $400, it depends on where you buy them from and how well they are made.


Kan jam is a flying disc game that is very popular and enjoyable.

It is played by two teams of two and is played to 21. The teams take turns throwing a frisbee at the target which is basically a trash can with a hole in the front. The kan jam targets are set 16 feet apart and there are four ways you can score points in kan jam. One point is called a dinger, two points is called a deuce, 3 points is a bucket, and an instant win is when it is thrown straight into the hole in the front. Kan jam can cost around $50 to $100.


Ladder golf is another backyard game that is a great way to fulfill your summer days. It is played by throwing bolas which is two balls connected by a string onto a ladder. Each ladder has 3 rungs and each rung is a different value of points. There are many different ways to play and lots of different rules but the basics are you have to throw the balls onto the rungs and the first team to reach 21 without going over wins. A ladder golf set can be very expensive or very cheap, it just depends on the type you get. They can cost around $20 to $200.


So when those beautiful summer days decide to make their appearance, whether its one of these games or something else just make sure you have the right people to share these backyards memories with.