Ask Daisha-June

Daisha Spiece, Writer

What can I do to stop feeling so insecure?


   Insecurities are characteristics about ourselves that we’re embarrassed about because we feel that specific thing is too different from others or we’re worried about how others would react. You have to realize that everyone has their individual insecurities and that you aren’t alone. Each human is bilt different with our own traits and we need to embrace that we don’t need to fit in or be a specific way. People tend to feel more insecure when there are a lot of people around. So, as you look around the room, realize that almost everyone is worried about something personal; just as you are. Notice how you don’t know what their insecurities are, or what they could possibly be insecure about. That’s how people look at you too. Nobody notices the things you don’t like about yourself and nobody notices what you think are “imperfections.” It’s literally only inside of your head. All of us are individually beautiful in our own special ways.


How can I deal with my parents splitting up?


   This is something many kids go through, and it isn’t something kids should be dealing with. Yes, the separation is between your parents does affect you and your family. However, let the grown-ups deal with their issues and try to stay out of the mix. Try to avoid choosing sides between parent and don’t get angry with one because you feel that it’s their fault. An unhappy relationship takes two people. Remember you can’t blame yourself either. Some parents may take it out on on their kids because they’re going through a difficult time. A civil conversation with a parent is always worth a shot, especially if you need to talk about the situation. In a time like this, you all need to be there for each other. It’s your family VS. the problem, not every man for themselves.


Why am I so invisible to everyone?

   If you distance yourself and push people away, you may feel alone and invisible. You need to put yourself out there-in a positive way. Try out for a sports team, join a club, get a job, compliment others, smile, hold your head high when you walk, get out more. Don’t be afraid to talk to new people and include yourself in activities. People aren’t as mean as they may seem from the outside. Take your time and build up the courage to make new friends. There’s a friend for everybody.