Dress for Success


Ayarri representing a denim on denim outfit in class. Her outfit conist of acid wash jeans paired with a stripped shirt and jeans jacket.

Ayarri Minor, Write

Summer is on its way and it’s time to show our new clothes and make some cool outfits with them. Here are a few ideas.

These are some summertime outfits for girls. Different shades of the same color in one outfit is very fashionable and helps you blend in to your surroundings. For example, wearing dark violet pants, a light purple  shirt, and hot purple shoes is a really cute outfit. Next, really short pants that show too much skin are everything! Paring micro shorts and a tank top is a perfect outfit for a rainy summer day. For this rainy day outfit pair it with open toed shoes and socks. Wear colorful socks for a pop of color. If you don’t want to wear short shorts you can wear a short romper. Here is a overly tight outfit for that hot summer day. For this outfit pair cotton leggings with a big sweatshirt for a cool look and feel. Last but not least, denim on denim is stylish and totally in right now. Wear acid wash jeans with a polka dot shirt, just to spice it up, and a jean jacket. Pair it with a comfortable shoe like crocs and your ready to flaunt your stuff!

Now here is a outfit for the boys. Boys, wearing different types of camo together is super fly. You can do camo pants and then a camo shirt together paired with slides and socks with holes in them. To add a little pizzazz sag your pants really low or wear extremely long basketball shorts. If the camo thing is not your scene then wear your undershirt and stick with regular extremely long basketball shorts.