A beautiful Spring blooming white flower

Halee Lane, Staff Writer

Located on the outer region of Spotsylvania High School is Mrs.Webb’s  greenhouse/landscaping class. In this class students raise and care for various plants in a greenhouse setting. They also draw and design floral arrangements, while implementing landscape designs in various areas of the community. Spotsy students appreciate the opportunity to take this class because it’s full of hands on activities and skills that transfer to the real world. In addition, students produce products that they can take home as well as market for sale. According to Mrs. Webb, “It is a relaxing pace set for all learning styles”.

If you want to pursue a career in plant technology there are numerous careers available such as, greenhouse, nursery productions, landscape design construction and maintenance, floral shops, and much more.

So, what do you do in a greenhouse to get plants ready? A greenhouse’s basic concept is that the heat is trapped within the building and heats the circulating temperature throughout the day. In order for a greenhouse to work properly the temperature must be managed because when the sun rises the temperature rises. There is a fan in the greenhouse to ventilate the hot air when it reaches a point where it’s too hot, then the hot air gets released back to the outside. To get plants ready they must be properly watered,fertilized, and pruned. They also need to be free of pests, so they can be labeled for sale.

The country is divided into zones based on temperature. Virginia falls in zone 7A,Crape Myrtles, and Nandinas grow particularly well in this region. When asked, Mrs. Webb states she loves begonias, specifically rex begonias. Rex begonias are her favorite because they are easy to grow and cross propagate. In case you didn’t know, there’s a bee situation. A disease is impacting bees and their hives causing about $2 billion dollar damage to the industry. Finally, if you’re into gardening head on down to Mrs. Webb’s Greenhouse/Landscaping class to discover your hidden talents!