How to Get in Shape for Fall Sports

Natalie Swink, Writer

With the spring season coming to an end, athletes trying out for fall sports need to start getting into shape for the fall season. There are many different fall sports and many different levels of conditioning for each game. If you get a head start now, you’ll be in great shape for tryouts in early August!

The first step in getting in shape is discipline. To effectively condition, you have to have a regular workout schedule and stick to it. Healthy eating habits also go along with a consistent work out routine. Start your morning off right with a healthy breakfast followed by a 45-75 minute work out. A good early morning workout is,
15 minute warm up with stretches
run 1.5 miles (to figure out base time)
lift light
2×1 minute planks
3×10 squats 50-100lbs
4×10 push ups
5×10 sit-ups
6×10 leg lifts (with or without weight)
run 1 mile 75% speed
20-minute cooldown (stretch)
Some other exercises are jump squats, lunges jumping jacks, and bicycle kicks. Work out 3-5 times a week and increase the reps as they get easy to keep in shape. Also, try to get a better time everytime you run. Wishing all fall athletes trying out good luck!