Life Of The Party

The poster for the movie Life Of The Party

The poster for the movie Life Of The Party

Halee Lane, Staff Writer

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Life Of The Party is a movie, that in a way, shows confidence, to be able to power through things even when you’re handed the worst problems in life. The movie was released May 11,2018. The movie is about a housewife named Deanna who gets divorced to her husband of twenty years. She ends up going back to collage with her not so thrilled daughter, Maddie. While she’s at the college she has all kinds of college experiences such as going to parties, having a dorm roommate,and going to the library to study. With the love and help of her daughter, her daughters friends and her best friend she makes it through collage. This movie was directed by Ben Falcone and produced by Melissa McCarthy. The budget for Life Of The Party was $30 million us dollars. It includes some of Hollywood’s loved stars such as Luke Benward, Maya Rudolph, Gillian Jacobs, and Molly Gordon. If you’re looking for a movie about confidence, not giving up and dedication, this is the movie you should go and watch