Spring Pep Rally

Kariah White, Staff editor

Leading up to pep rally the day before Prom is spirit week. This years’ spirit says were Meme Day, Tacky Tourist, Decades Day, Mathletes vs Athletes and the school spirit, where Seniors dressed for their future jobs. The definition of a pep rally is “a meeting aimed at inspiring enthusiasm, especially one held before a sporting event”. Spotsylvania High School hosts two pep rallies a year. We host one for both winter sports and also spring sports. The pep rally on April 27, 2018 recognized Boys’  Baseball, Girls’ Softball, Girls’ and Boys’ Soccer, Girls’ and Boys’ outdoor track, Boys’ Wrestling, Girls’ and Boys’ Swim, Girls’ and Boys’ basketball team, Girls’ and Boys’ tennis team and the cheerleading team. The games played were human wheelbarrow, pie eating contest, relay race, and wrap your couch in toilet paper. Also at the pep rally the announced the Prom court. This year’s Prom court was Malik Terrell, Blake Boggs, Reece Recabo, Jody Smith, Alexis Colonna, and Britney Napier. All the classes were so into the pep rally everyone was scream and cheering for the students that were representing their class. Thank you to Ms. Benedict and the Student Council Association for making this all possible.