Student of the Month: May


Celina Russell

Wendell smith holding his student of the month award with the knighttime editors/writers

Kariah White and Kariah White

This month’s student of the month is Wendell Smith, he was nominated by Ms. Kelly. She says she nominated him because he is well mannered, hard working, and respectful all the time. She also says he exceeds her expectations and sets a great example for other students. Wendell is also a member of the Spotsylvania Knights’ basketball team. When asked why does he think he got the award his response is “I give my all in all my classes and I respect all my teachers as I would any other adult.” His goal for high school is to graduate and make a mark on everyone that comes across his path. After high school he wants to go to the military and the go off to college. ‘He is so nice and outgoing” says Matthew one of his good friends. “Wendell is so hard-working and is always on top of his grades” says Ms. Kelly. Congratulations to Wendell Smith.